Sam's Amazing Race 6
Season Run December 27 2009 – March 14 2010
Filmed March 20 – April 11 2009
Continents Visited 4
Countries/Territories Visited 9
Cities Visited 26
Winning Team Ma Hei Lani & Ron
Distance Travelled 32,000 miles
Number Of Legs 12
Number Of Teams 11
All-Stars Ma Hei Lani & Ron
Season chronology
Sam's Amazing Race 5 Sam's Amazing Race 7

Sam's Amazing Race 6 is the sixth installment of the fictional series, Sam's Amazing Race. Sam's Amazing Race 6 featured 11 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world.

The season premiered on December 27, 2009, and finished on March 14, 2010, with Ma Hei Lani & Ron winning the $1,000,000 prize. The show is again hosted by Phil Keoghan.


Development & FilmingEdit

The sixth cycle of the series will feature teams travelling through 9 countries in 3 weeks through March and April 2009. There was more teams in this race than ever before, with eleven instead of nine, and two extra legs were added on. New countries visited include Belarus, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. The race also made return visits to France, South Africa and Japan.


Applications for the race were due in late January 2009 and semi-finalist interviews were held while locations for the race were scouted in February 2009. Final casting interviews were held in early March. The cast for this season contains former Fantasy Big Brother 1 contestants Marija Šerifović and Violet Blaque. Also in the cast are members of a band, a pair of model sisters, boyfriends and dating acrobats.


Team Relationship User Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Ma Hei Lani & Ron Doctors DavidMV 9th 2ndB 1st 4th 5th 3rd 3rd 4th 4th 3rd 3rd 1st Ma Hei Lani 6, Ron 5
Daniel & Christopher Dating jerseydude 5th 1stA 3rd 2nd 1st 1stƒ 4th 3rd 2nd 1st 2nd 2nd Daniel 5, Christopher 5
Amelia & Josh Dating Acrobats autowil 3rd 3rdA 2nd 3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st 1stƒ 2nd 1st 3rd Amelia 5, Josh 5
Ulrika & Dan Single Parents / Roommates Obbyz 4th 6thD 6th 1stƒ 4th4 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th Ulrika 1, Dan 8
Chloe & Lisa Sisters / Models Raymond 1stƒ 7thC 5th 7th 3rd2 5th 5th 5th Chloe 4, Lisa 3
Marc & Amy Siblings enneiteml 7th 8thE 4th 5th 6th4 6th 6th Marc 4, Amy 2
Calum & Oliver Musicians eragon 8th 5thD 8th 6th 7th3 Calum 2, Oliver 2
Marcus & Erin Married Parents Moo 6th 9thE 7th 8th1 Marcus 1, Erin 2
Marija & Violet Big Brother Contestants calibound234 2nd 4thB 9th Marija 2, Violet 0
Corin & Joshua Father / Son zachary busch 10th 10thC Corin 0, Joshua 1
Bailey & Darcey Father / Daughter smiley 11th Bailey 0, Darcey 0

Note 1: Marcus & Erin would have received a 30-minute penalty for taking a taxi to their chosen detour instead of walking. However, as they were already in last, it was not assessed.
Note 2: Chloe & Lisa originally arrived in joint 1st place with Daniel & Christopher in Leg 5 but received a one hour penalty for damaging a clue box. They fell to 3rd place.
Note 3: Calum & Oliver originally arrived in 5th but received a penalty of 1 hour 30 minutes for damaging a clue box and taking the wrong form of transport to the detour. Both other teams checked in during this time so they fell to last.
Note 4: Ulrika & Dan and Marc & Amy arrived in 3rd and 7th respectively but both received a 30-minute penalty on Leg 5 for not taking the correct form of transportation to their chosen detours. Ulrika & Dan dropped to 4th but Marc & Amy checked in in 6th place due to Calum & Oliver's penalty (see note 3).

  • Red means the team was eliminated.
  • Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward clue. A green-colored leg number indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.
  • An underlined Blue team's placement means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speed Bump task in the following leg.
  • A brown means the team chose to use a U-Turn; indicates the team who received it.
  • Matching letters means the teams paired up at an Intersection.

Episode Title QuotesEdit

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

  1. "You Do Perpetuate the 'Dumb Model' Stereotype" – Chloe
  2. "It Seems That You Learned To Call Me 'Girl'" - Ma Hei Lani
  3. "How Do You Drive It?" - Amelia
  4. "Gnome, Gnome, Gnome, Come To Mama" - Dan
  5. "This Is What Usually Happens When You Procrastinate Things" - Ron
  6. "I'm Sorry I Sucked At Both Detours" - Christopher
  7. "Your Jokes Are Killing Me Right Now" - Dan
  8. "The Philippines Looks Like A Mangled Horse" - Lisa
  9. "We'll Be Fine. We're Asian" - Ulrika
  10. "Do You Know How Many Owls There Are Out There?" - Travel Agent
  11. "This Is The Insanest Roadblock Ever!" - Amelia
  12. "I Don't Like This. I Am Who Finds The Cluebox And They Are Who Don't Need To." - Ma Hei Lani


The prize for each leg is awarded to the first place team for that leg. All trips are sponsored by Travelocity.

Race SummaryEdit

Plane Air travel destination    Bus Bus travel destination    Train Railroad destination   Ferry Water travel destination   Helicopter Helicopter travel destination
Detour Detour   RBlock Roadblock   Intersection Intersection   U-turn U-Turn   F-Forward Fast Forward   Speedbump Speed Bump   TAR-pitstop-icon Pit Stop

The route of the Race.

Leg 1 (United States → South Africa)Edit


Teams visited the Gold Reef City in Leg 1.

For this Fast Forward, teams had to make their way to the Meadlowlands Hostel and help restore it by painting a wall on the interior of the building. In this detour, teams chose two activities performed by the “Soweto Mountain of Hope” - Rubbish or Flourish. In Rubbish, teams had to collect a garbage bag and pick up enough trash from the ground in the nearby streets and alleys to fill their bag. In Flourish, teams had to dance for locals until they made R25 in tips.

Additional Tasks
  • At William Watt Park, teams had to pick two penny-farthings and ride them to the world’s deepest pub. Once there, teams had to take an elevator into the pub and get their next clue.
  • At the Market, teams had to find and buy a “smiley” – the local name for a roasted sheep’s head – and take it to a a marked house in the townships of Soweto where they would get their next clue.

Leg 2 (South Africa → France)Edit


Joshua performing the Quick Leap detour in Leg 2.

The detour was a choice between Quick Leap or Slow Climb. In Quick Leap, each team member had to complete a Power Swing between the cooling towers to the ground. In Slow Climb, each team member had to descend a 100ft ladder to the ground. After the detour teams hit an Intersection, where they had to pair up with another team until further notice. In this Roadblock, one team member from each part of the intersected team had to perform 3 rugby training drills correctly – The Basic Switch, Beat the Defender and a Fitness Drill. Once they completed all three, they had to use the skills they learned to score one try against a professional defender to receive their next clue. After the Roadblock, teams were no longer intersected.

Leg 3 (France)Edit


Nine teams completed tasks in the ski resort of Val Thorens during Leg 3.

The detour was Scale or Slide. In Scale, teams had to use ice axes to climb the face of an ice wall. At the top, teams would have to take a helicopter to the location of their next clue. In Slide, teams would have to take a 6km long toboggan ride down a mountain to get to the location of their next clue. For the Roadblock, one team member had to drive a rear-wheel drive car around 3 laps of a 1km ice racing circuit in a time of less than 4 minutes.

Leg 4 (France → Switzerland)Edit


The Piz Gloria is the fourth pit stop of the race.

For this Fast Forward, teams had to search the Museum of Design, which was full of Travelocity roaming gnomes, for the gnome which was the odd one out. In the detour, teams chose A Life of Excitement or A Life of Serenity. For A Life of Excitment, teams had to buy a newspaper called 20 Minuten and search inside it for an article written in Italian. Teams had to go to the nightclub mentioned in the article and search the crowded dancefloor for their next clue. For A Life of Serenity, teams had to go on foot to the Zürichsee and sail a sail boat out to the Stadt Rapperswil paddle steamer and find the captain for their next clue. The Roadblock had one team member play schwingen, a sport played at the Unspunnenfest. The team member had to defeat their opponent to receive their next clue.

Additional Task
  • At the Underground Vault, teams had to count the Swiss currency in a jar. Teams had to use the number they got to open a safe which would contain their next clue along with a Travelocity Roaming gnome.

Leg 5 (Switzerland → Belarus)Edit


The Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is the fifth pit stop of the race.

Teams chose either Gymnastics or Candlesticks for this leg’s detour. Gymnastics had teams take a taxi to the gymnastics hall where Svetlana Boginskaya trained and go through a series of moves for the balance beam, the parallel bars and floor exercises. Candlesticks had teams travel by public transport to Lee Harvey Oswald’s former workplace in Minsk and use a metal lathe to make one candlestick. The Roadblock on Leg 5 required one team member to thoroughly clean a trolleybus, inside and out, to the satisfaction of a bus driver.

Additional Tasks
  • The first task of the leg had each team member complete a paraglide in tandem with an instructor off the Schilthorn to Stechelberg for their next clue.
  • At the Tractor Plant, teams had to pick a tractor and drive it to the highest point in Belarus – the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Leg 6 (Belarus → Russia)Edit


Legs 6 and 7 of the race were mainly in Moscow, Russia. Shown above is Saint Basil's Cathedral, the 7th pit stop of the race.

The third Fast Forward of the race required each team member to walk along a 6m (20 ft) stretch of broken glass. The detour, Wobble or Juggle, was a choice between each team member riding a unicycle 3m without falling off or each team member juggling 3 balls for 30 seconds without any falling. For this Roadblock, one team member had to drive a Russian T-64 tank along a 2 mile training course.

Leg 7 (Russia)Edit

The detour was Russian Dolls or Russian Ballet. In Russian Dolls, teams had to paint each of the ten figures in a Matryoshka doll to the satisfaction of a babushka. In Russian Ballet, teams had to search the stage which was filled with ballet dancers for the one in the photo on their clue. If teams picked the wrong dancer, their picture would be taken off them and they would have to do the other detour. For the Speed Bump, Marc & Amy had to travel to Chaika Bassein and play water polo against a professional team. Each team member had to score a goal to be able to continue on the race. For the Roadblock one team member had to eat 20 ounces of borscht.

Additional Task
  • After the detour, teams were given a photograph of a famous Russian as a child. Teams had to figure out that this photograph was of Vladimir Lenin and they would have to go to his mausoleum for their next clue.

Leg 8 (Russia → United Arab Emirates)Edit


Teams roamed the World Archipelago for this leg's roadblock.

Teams chose either Hack or Whack for this leg's detour. In Hack, teams took a taxi to Ski Dubai where teams had to use a hammer and chisel to get a clue frozen in a large globe of ice. In Whack, teams had to play 9 holes of the golf course. If team's lost their ball, they would have to restart the task. For the Roadblock, one team member had to get in a speedboat and drive it to The World Archipelago. Once there, the team member had to find each location visited on the race so far. At each location, they would find a letter and the team member had to unscramble the letters correctly to make a word which would be the name of their next destination.

Additional tasks
  • At the Square of Europe, teams had to complete a jigsaw puzzle which would show them a map which would lead them to their next destination - Dubai.
  • In an unaired task in Sharjah, teams had to put on snorkel gear and search underwater for a pearl which they could exchange for their next clue.
  • At Wild Wadi, teams had to ride a water ride called the Flood River Flyer to receive their next clue.

Leg 9 (United Arab Emirates → Vietnam)Edit


The Race visited Hanoi, Vietnam in Leg 9

The final Fast Forward of the race was given to the first team to have a dye applied to make their teeth go black in a local fashion known as ohaguro. The detour was Chinese Movement or Vietnamese Garment. In Chinese Movement, teams had to learn 3 tai chi moves each from a tai chi master. In Vietnamese Garment, teams had to search around the lake for a woman wearing an áo dài who would give them the next clue. In this Roadblock, one team member had to eat the meat of three snakes and drink a cup of snake's blood.

Leg 10 (Vietnam → Japan)Edit


Teams rode motorcycles for both the Roadblock and Speed Bump of Leg 10.

Participating team members in this Roadblock were required to take and pass a motorcycle driving test by driving a motorcycle in a figure of 8 without leaving the marked lines. For the Speed Bump, Ma Hei Lani & Ron had to drive the groom's mother in a traditional Vietnamese wedding on their motorcycle to a local house and observe her asking permission to receive the bride. In the detour, Heavy or Light, teams had to choose between transporting a portable Shinto shrine known as a mikoshi three miles to a temple or delivering a koinobori to a Children’s Day celebration in Hibiya Park.

Additional Tasks
  • At Văn Miếu, teams had to complete a Tower of Hanoi puzzle to receive their next clue.
  • After the Roadblock, teams received a photograph of an owl statue and had to figure out it was located in Tokyo, Japan.

Leg 11 (Japan)Edit


Teams had to take a zipline from the Rainbow Bridge to an island named Dai-Roku Daiba, the final elimination point of the race.

In this detour, teams had to choose either Dressed Up or Loved Up. In Dressed Up, teams had to use a photograph of an anime character to dress themselves up with make up and costumes. Once they were dressed up to a cosplayer’s satisfaction, they would receive their next clue. In Loved Up, teams had to give free hugs to locals. Once the team hugged 40 locals between them, they would receive their next clue. The Roadblock had one team member take part in the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle. The team member had to successfully complete 5 rounds - Honeycomb Maze, Mushroom Trip, Skipping Stones, Knock Knock and Bridge Ball - before taking part in the Final Showdown. Once the participant destroyed Count Takeshi's paper ring with a water pistol, they would receive their next clue. For this Speed Bump, Ulrika & Dan had to climb a 13m rope ladder known as the Heavenly Ladder, an obstacle in the game show Sasuke.

Additional Task
  • Teams had to take a zipline from the Rainbow Bridge to an island in Tokyo Bay, Dai-Roku Daiba. Then, teams searched the island for the pit stop.

Leg 12 (Japan → United States)Edit


In the final Roadblock, one team member played a game of Wheel of Fortune in the final destination city, Los Angeles.

The last detour was Spring or Fling. In Spring, teams had to take part in a traditional Alaskan blanket toss, where one team member bounced up and down on a tapestry held by locals, until they spotted a flag which would show them the location of their next clue. In Fling, teams had to take part in the local Moose Dropping Festival by going up in a helicopter and hitting a target with a moose dropping. In the final Roadblock, one team member had to play Wheel of Fortune with all the word puzzles about things they have encountered on the race. Once a team scored $10,000, they could play the final bonus round and if they got their bonus round answer correct, they would receive their next clue.

Additional Tasks
  • At the Sullivan Arena, teams had to play ice hockey against the Alaska Aces. Once each team member scored a goal, teams would get their next clue.
  • The final task of the race required teams to use a photograph of a celebrity (Dolly Parton) to find their Hollywood Star. Teams had to take a picture of the correct star using a Kodak EasyShare camera and give their photo to a street performer who would give them their final clue.