Sam's Amazing Race 9
Season Run 4 July – 12 September 2011
Filmed March – April 2011
Continents Visited 4
Countries/Territories Visited 11
Cities Visited 17
Winning Team Chris & Michael
Distance Travelled 25,000 miles
Number Of Legs 11
Number Of Teams 11
Season chronology
Sam's Amazing Race 8: All-Stars Sam's Amazing Race 10

Sam's Amazing Race 9 was the ninth installment of the fantasy reality television show Sam's Amazing Race. Sam's Amazing Race 9 will feature 11 teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world.


Development & FilmingEdit

The ninth season of Sam's Amazing Race had the same format as previous seasons. Filming took place in 11 countries during this run, with first time visits to Comoros, Qatar and Belgium, as well as return visits to India and China.


The cast for this race contains a former Chicago Bulls teammates, Derrick Rose and Kurt Thomas, a pair of auditors and the race's first stepparent-stepchild, and aunt-niece teams. Also included in the cast is Amanda, the first racer to suffer from bipolar disorder.


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming.

Team Relationship User Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Chris & Michael Friends / Musicians Mug Costanza 3rd 5th 5th 3rd 6th 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 1st Chris 5, Michael 6
Mhairi & Shayne Dating Parents Obbyz8 2nd 10th 6th 7th 2nd 5th 3rd6 1st 2nd 3rdƒ 2nd Mhairi 5, Shayne 5
Claudia & Nicole Best Friends Forever / Models Paldog 9th 9th 3rd 1st 5th3 2nd 4th 3rd 1stƒε 2ndε 3rd Claudia 4, Nicole 6
Rob & Allie Married / Retired kiki 5th 3rd 2nd 4th 4th 1st 2nd5 5th 4th7 4th Rob 5, Allie 5
Cora & Gerlyn College Friends / Auditors scruffs 1st 4th 4th 5thε 7th 3rd 5th6 4th 5th Cora 5, Gerlyn 4
Tina & Jacquie Aunt / Niece StephenWasHere 7th 6th 7th 2nd 1stƒ 6th4 6th6 Tina 2, Jacquie 4
Amanda & Jeff Divorced Parents Дussie Бabushka 10th 1st 8th 8th 3rd 7th4 Amanda 4, Jeff 2
Caroline & Ruth Best Friends Laimis 6th 7th 1stƒ 6th 8th Caroline 3, Ruth 1
Derrick & Kurt Former Bulls Teammates ZBC Company 8th 2nd 9th2 9th Derrick 2, Kurt 2
Kayleigh & Tyler Dating Kandace 3rd 8th 10th Kayleigh 2, Tyler 1
Rosie & David Stepmother / Stepson redwings8831 11th1 Rosie 1, David 0

Note 1: For finishing the opening challenge last, Rosie & David were "marked for elimination" and had to beat every team on their flight to the first pit stop or they would receive a 30 minute penalty. They arrived last on the leg, thus the penalty was not assessed and they were eliminated.

Note 2: When Kurt & Derrick finished Leg 2, they were issued a 1 hour penalty for failing to complete the Carrying detour correctly, to be served at the next Pit Stop. They arrived at the Leg 3 Pit Stop 7th; during their penalty Tina & Jacquie and Amanda & Jeff checked in, dropping Kurt & Derrick to 9th.

Note 3: Claudia & Nicole initially arrived in 2nd Place but were assessed a 30-minute penalty for taking a taxi to the Rattle detour when they were instructed to walk. Three teams checked in during this time, meaning Claudia & Nicole dropped to 5th Place.

Note 4: Tina & Jacquie and Amanda & Jeff arrived in 2nd and 4th place respectively, but both received a 4-hour penalty for failing to complete the Roadblock. They fell to 6th place and last place respectively.

Note 5: Rob & Allie won a 30-minute time credit at the end of Leg 7 as a prize for winning Leg 6. This did not affect their placement.

Note 6: Mhairi & Shayne, Cora & Gerlyn and Tina & Jacquie all received unaired 15-minute penalties in Leg 7 for committing a minor fault at the Roadblock. None of their placements were affected.

Note 7: Rob & Allie initially arrived 3rd but were assessed a 30-minute penalty for taking a taxi to the stadium when they were instructed to walk. One team checked in during this time, meaning they dropped to 4th.

Note 8: kiki took over playing as Mhairi & Shayne for the final leg.

  • Red means the team was eliminated.
  • A Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward clue. A green-colored leg number indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.
  • A Purple ε indicates that a team has decided to use the Express Pass on that leg.
  • An underlined italicised leg number indicates that there was no mandatory rest period at the Pit Stop and all teams were ordered to continue racing.
  • An underlined Blue team's placement means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speed Bump task in the following leg.
  • A brown means the team chose to use a U-Turn; indicates the team who received it.
  • An orange > means the team chose to use a Yield; < means the team received it.

Episode Title QuotesEdit

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

  1. "'He's Gonna Get Himself Mauled, That's For Sure!' (South Korea)" – Chris
  2. "'Get Your Padded Bra Over Here Now' (Shandong, China)" – Nicole
  3. "'Your English Is So Damn Bad!' (Guangzhou, China)" – Mhairi
  4. "'I'm With A Clown, You Know' (Assam, India)" – Gerlyn
  5. "'Just Be As Simple As You Are' (Mumbai, India)" – Cora
  6. "'They Are Not Count Dracula' (Comoros)" – Rob
  7. "'Even The Loch Ness Monster Could Be In Here!' (Uganda)" – Allie
  8. "'She's A Cruel, Cruel Lover' (Qatar)" – Chris
  9. "'I Don't Want To Die Either' (Slovakia)" – Rob
  10. "'I Won A Watermelon Eating Contest During Summer Camp' (Belgium)" – Michael
  11. "'The Fast Rabbit Doesn't Always Win the Race' (U.S. Virgin Islands)" – Shayne


The prize for each leg is awarded to the first place team for that leg. All trips are sponsored by Travelocity.

  • Leg 1 – The Express Pass – an item that can be used on the race to skip any one task of the team's choosing up until Leg 10.
  • Leg 2 – A city break for two to London and Paris.
  • Leg 3 – $10,000 for each team member and $100 to use on the race.
  • Leg 4 – The Express Pass
  • Leg 5 – A trip for two to Barbados
  • Leg 6 – A 30-minute time credit at Leg 7's pit stop.
  • Leg 8 – A trip for two to Oahu
  • Leg 9 – The Express Pass
  • Leg 10 – A Dandy horse for each team member
  • Leg 11 – $1,000,000

Race SummaryEdit


The route of Sam's Amazing Race 9

Plane Air travel destination    Bus Bus travel destination    Train Railroad destination   Ferry Water travel destination
Detour Detour   RBlock Roadblock   U-turn U-Turn   F-Forward Fast Forward   Speedbump Speed Bump   TAR-pitstop-icon Pit Stop

Leg 1 (United States → South Korea)Edit


The first location of Sam's Amazing Race 9 was Seoul, South Korea

In the first Roadblock of the race, one team member had to get in a tourist bus equipped with a karaoke box. While the bus travelled 3.5km (2.1 miles) down Teheranno street towards the next clue, teams had to sing K-pop songs in karaoke style. Every time teams made a major mistake, the bus would take one turn in the wrong direction. When teams reached the other end of the street, they received their next clue.

Additional Tasks
  • At Lombard Street, teams picked a quadracycle and had to attach a shopping cart to the back of it. Then, while one team member sat in the shopping cart, the other had to cycle down the street around the tight hairpin turns of the street. If the contraption broke or the team member in the shopping cart fell, teams would go to the back of any line that may have formed. When teams reached the bottom, they received tickets on one of two flights to Seoul. The last team to complete the task had to face the consequences (see Results note 1).
  • At the Bau House, teams had to pick a dog and groom it by washing it, cutting its hair and trimming its nails. When the dog owner was happy with the team’s work, they would hand them the next clue.

Leg 2 (South Korea → People's Republic of China)Edit


The Roadblock on Leg 2 required teams to measure the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge.

The Roadblock featured one team member using a trundle wheel to measure a section of the longest bridge over water in the world. Then, using their measurement and a number of calculations, they had to obtain the full distance of the bridge. They presented their guess to local celebrity Victoria Song and, if they were correct, they received their next clue. If they were wrong, they had to keep trying until they were right. The first detour of the race was a choice between Carrying and Carving. In Carrying, teams had to carry offerings of incense, a candle and water up 750 steps to Dongyue Temple for their next clue. If the incense burned out, the candle flame blew or the water spilled, teams would have to go back to the start and try again. In Carving, teams had to climb 297 steps to find some rock inscriptions, and use the guide provided to help translate the Chinese characters carved on the rock.

Leg 3 (People's Republic of China)Edit


For the Fast Forward, teams had to dress up as performers in a Cantonese opera.

For the Fast Forward, teams made their way to the Guangzhou Opera House. Once there, teams had to dress each other and put make up on each other in order to make themselves look like performers of the Cantonese opera. The detour was a choice between Electricity and Gastronomy. In Electricity, teams made their way on foot to Haiyin Market, and then wire a plug for a neon sign. When the light was lit, the store owner gave the teams the next clue. In Gastronomy, teams travelled by subway to Qingping Market, where each team member had to consume a century egg. The Roadblock on Leg 3 had one team member find a stall in the market, and then search through over 1000 red envelopes for one which had a picture of their sign of the Chinese zodiac. When they found a correct envelope, they had to fill the envelope with some of their money to give to a local elder, while making sure they didn't put in an amount of money that would be seen as unlucky.

Leg 4 (People's Republic of China → India)Edit


An Active Route Info in Leg 4 required teams to smear the hottest chili in the world onto a fence.

The Roadblock required one team member to pick enough tea leaves in the tea garden to fill a basket. Each team collected approximately 400 grams (0.8 lb) of leaves. In this leg's Detour, teams chose between two games traditionally played in Assam: Tap or Tug, which featured egg tapping and tug of war challenges respectively.

Additional Tasks
  • Upon arrival at Jutlibari Tea Garden, teams had to smear some of the Bhut Jolokia chili pepper - the hottest chili in the world - onto a fence, the local method of keeping wild elephants at a distance. Once the plantation owner was satisfied with their smearing job, he handed them the next clue.
  • Teams had to take 250 grams of the tea leaves they collected at the Roadblock to the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre. There, they had a choice of receiving their next clue immediately, or waiting for their leaves to be auctioned and receive some of the money earned in addition to their next clue.

Leg 5 (India)Edit


Leg 5's Roadblock had one team member make pottery in Mumbai's Dharavi slum.

For this Fast Forward, teams made their way by taxi to Film City, part of the Indian movie making machine known as Bollywood. There, teams were shown a traditional Bollywood dance, which they would have to recreate. The first team to complete the dance to the dance instructor's satisfaction could claim the Fast Forward. In this leg's Roadblock, one team member entered the pottery shop and used a potter's wheel to properly throw one pot. When the potter approved of the pot, he handed the team members an address that they needed to deliver their pot to. They would receive their next clue upon arriving at the house. This leg's Detour presented the choice of Rattle or Cattle. In Rattle, teams had to walk to a street, where they had to join a human pyramid under a dahi handi. While on top of the pyramid, one team member had to break an earthen pot, in a similar fashion to a piñata, to receive their next clue. In Cattle, teams had to travel by taxi to a goshala, where they had to pick a cow, lead it to a house and then lead it through all of the rooms of the house as part of a traditional Hindu housewarming ceremony. Once the cow had been in every room, they received the next clue.

Leg 6 (India → Comoros)Edit


Teams flew to the island of Mohéli in Comoros during Leg 6.

In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between Dhows in Docks or Flying Fox. In Dhows in Docks, teams walked on foot to the docks. There, using a dhow for reference, they had to rig the lateen sail of the dhow. Once the sail was properly rigged, they received their next clue. In Flying Fox, teams walked through the forest to a nature reserve. Once there, teams needed to feed a Livingstone's Fruit Bat with its daily meal to receive their next clue. For this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to snorkel in the Mozambique Channel. While snorkeling, they had to search the floor of the water for a yellow and white bag, which they would need to bring back to shore. Once back on land, team members opened the bag to reveal a sliding puzzle of the island of Mohéli, which they would need to solve. The completed puzzle revealed the location of their next Pit Stop.

Leg 7 (Comoros → Tanzania → Uganda)Edit


The pit stop on Leg 7 was at the Bahá'í House in Kampala

During the pit stop, teams traveled by boat from the island of Mohéli back to the main island of Comoros. In this Roadblock, one team member had to bungee jump 44 metres into Bujagali Falls. At the bottom of their descent, teams had to grab a clue attached to a buoy at the bottom of the falls. If they missed it, they'd need to jump again. Once teams grabbed the clue, they could continue racing. The detour was Under or Over. In Under, teams had to climb down into an underground spring, the village's source of water. Teams had to collect two buckets of water from the spring and return the buckets to the village to receive their next clue. In Over, teams had to use the parts and instructions provided to build a working water pump. Once the pump was built, teams had to use it to fill two buckets of water, and return the buckets to the village to receive their next clue.

Additional Tasks
  • At the mine, teams had to collect a bag of mined diamonds along with their next clue.
  • At the Equator, teams had to conduct an experiment, involving a bowl, some water and a coin. Once they had conducted the experiment correctly and presented their results to the scientist, teams received their next clue.

Leg 8 (Uganda → Qatar)Edit


The Chase detour in Leg 8 required teams to race a falcon in the Qatari desert.

In this Roadblock, one team member had to find a spice delivery van, where they had to taste and smell a variety of spices commonly used in Qatari cuisine. After this, they had to search the market for a spice stall, and identify the ten spices they encountered at the van. Once they named all ten correctly, they received their next clue. This detour was a choice between Grace and Chase. In Grace, teams had to go to a stable, where each team member had to jump over three fences on a horse without incurring any faults to receive their next clue. In Chase, teams had to go to the falcon souq, buy a falcon and drive into the desert. There, teams had to release their falcon to race to their prey and then follow the falcon on its travels. If teams could keep up with the bird until the end of its journey, teams received their next clue.

Additional Task
  • In the Aspire Zone, teams had to find a soccer field, where each team member had to take kicks from the penalty mark until each of them hit one of the targets suspended in the goal. Once both targets were hit, teams received their next clue.

Leg 9 (Qatar → Slovakia)Edit


Teams arrived in Bratislava, Slovakia to start Leg 9.

In this Speed Bump, Rob & Allie had to paint a picture of a Travelocity roaming gnome. Once an artist approved of their work, they could continue racing. In this Fast Forward, teams made their way to the Museum of Clocks at the House of the Good Shepherd and search through thousands of clocks for the one set to Pacific Time. The Roadblock had one team member use a professional camera and become a paparazzo, taking pictures of three miniature Travelocity roaming gnomes near famous statues in Bratislava's Old Town. Once teams returned the pictures to the restaurant, they received a gnome for themselves and their next clue. The detour was a choice between In the Skies and On the Drive. In the Skies required teams to board a helicopter, which would take them to above their next destination. When the helicopter arrived, each team member had to complete a 4000ft tandem parachute jump with an instructor to receive their next clue. On the Drive required teams to direct a driver to the same destination using only a GPS system programmed to speak Slovakian.

Additional Task

Leg 10 (Slovakia → Luxembourg → Belgium)Edit

S9L10a.jpg S9L10b.jpg
The Detour in Brussels made teams choose between baking soufflés and eating Brussels sprouts.

In this Fast Forward, teams had to find a marked door in the fortification, and look through a crack in the door. In the room, Melusine was having a bath. If teams looked through a crack in the door, they may have see the name of the next pit stop. They would only be able to see the location if Melusine is sleeping in the bath. If she spotted them, they would need to wait before trying to look in again. For the Roadblock, a team member had to join a group of four people and join together holding handkerchiefs. In a line with the group, the team member had to continuously jump from left to right to left with the group, slowly moving them forward to the town basilica. At the basilica, teams had to tell the priest how many jumps it took them to reach there. If they got the right number, they received their next clue. If they were wrong, they had to go back to the start and jump again. The detour was French Quality or German Quantity. In French Quality, teams had to bake two soufflés to the satisfaction of a chef. In German Quantity, teams had to eat 2.5kg of Brussels sprouts.

Leg 11 (Belgium → United States)Edit


The final Roadblock in Charlotte Amalie featured teams attempting to find items they encountered along the race in a cruise ship.

In the Final Roadblock, one team member had to wear climbing gear and go over the deck of a cruise ship. In 100 rooms of the ship were a variety of objects, 7 of which the team encountered during the race. At each window were a group of letters. Climbing on the side of the ship, teams had to look inside the windows and identify the correct 7 items, taking the letters at this window. After they had all seven, they would return to the deck and arrange the letters to create a phrase. Once they had the correct phrase ("THE END IS NIGH"), teams received their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Vaswani tailor, teams collected a mini tuxedo and had to find the only person in Brussels it would fit. Teams had to figure out the answer was the Mannekin Pis statue, where a dog in a tuxedo would give teams their next clue.
  • Upon arrival in St. Croix, teams had to find the easternmost point of the United States at Point Udall, where teams received departure times the next morning.
  • At the Old Danish customs house, teams had to become Moko jumbie stilt walkers. Walking on stilts, teams had to travel 60 yards over a line without falling. If they fell, they would have to go back to the starting line and try again. Once they got over the line, they received their next clue.
  • After the stilt walking task, teams had to buy a beer at any store on the island, and then feed it to the beer-drinking pig at the Mount Pellier Domino Club.
  • Teams were then given a map of a route around the Caribbean Sea, and had to figure out that this route was the one travelled by Christopher Columbus' second voyage around the world. Teams then had to figure out that Columbus stopped on the island at Salt River Bay and go there to receive their next clue.
  • After the Roadblock, teams had to figure out where in the town did "99=103". They had to figure out that this was the 99 Steps, of which there are actually 103, where they would find their final clue.